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The whole business world is leveraging on different marketing schemes to help boost their business presence. Unfortunately, many food service providers who are into production of various cuisines are yet to catch this cruise.

Years ago, when people think of the food service business they thought more of the kiosk, street vendors, and restaurants. But in the most recent years, this notion has been challenged to a large extent, due to the rising need for comfort, ease and dynamics of the ever evolving technology in the landscape of the globe.

Foodhive builds technology to help world-class best food service businesses grow, from new startups, to market leaders. We are inspired by a vision of millions of exceptional food service businesses across the globe who’re profitable, and have scaled. 

We believe that  such businesses globally will routinely go toe to toe with the best food service companies on the planet, and win in providing essential services for the increasing population.


Foodhive is a commission based marketplace too, this means for every sale on the platform by a business, we earn a certain rate of commission on sales, depending on the membership plan subscribed to by the business entity/owner. 

Businesses register a profile using any of the membership plan provided by Foodhive. After activating a membership plan successfully they can add their menus and cuisine too.

Businesses using Foodhive get to use premium order service management. This means, instead of a food service to lose track of who has ordered meals, they have a central dashboard to manage customer purchase, earning, social impressions and much more.


Food management SYSTEM

Foodhive offers food service business such as restaurant and food vendors a management system to manage orders, sales, earnings report, withdrawal payouts and menu.


Be you a food business service owner, or individual user, our systems are secure to ensure protection of your data and transactions.


Where ever you are in the world, you can be rest assured of connection with customers and food service businesses nearest to you. 

tools for every food sevice business

Credit Card Processing

Use our secure PCI - compliant flat-rare card processing service or bring

Inventory Management

Use our our web service software to handle inventory management with ease.

Actionable Analytics

Use our analysis tool to see how your business is actually doing.

Why use Foodhive?

Simple Interface

Use our simple web designed interface to interact with your business and individual operation.

food menus

Get access to variety of food menus provided by food service businesses globally.

Customer support

Instant access to our 24/7 customer support to best accelerate your business to scale.

Business verification

Get your business verified using our systems to ensure customers are protected from scam.

customer insights

Built-in integration tool to help you understand how your business and customers interact.

Wide outreach

Get access to wide range of audience who are ready to spend on your business from anywhere in the world.

Ease of membership

Variety of membership plans that fit your food service needs to best scale and get more sales.

Ease of ordering

Ordering using convinient system on your fingertips not variant of device or location.

Local payment gateways

Pay in your local currency and local payment gateways to best get closer customer relationships.

Join over a million people

Join hundreds of food service business owners such as restaurants, fast foods, and food vendors across the globe to list your business on Foodhive and get access to food management system that will help scale your business, anywhere you are in the world.

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