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5 Food Vendors To Patronize On Father’s Day Featured

On Father’s Day many people make a special effort for their fathers or father figures. Some people visit their fathers, while others give cards, flowers or other gifts, such as clothing or sporting equipment, or luxury food items. Father’s Day is a relatively modern holiday, so different families have different traditions. These can range from...

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Pioneering The Business Of Food Service Technology Featured

Years ago, when people think of the food service business they thought more of the kiosk, street vendors, and restaurants. But in the most recent years, this notion has been challenged to a large extent, due to the rising need in comfortably, ease and dynamics of the ever evolving technology in the landscape of Nigeria....

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What To Do When Dispatchers Fail To Deliver Featured

Whether it is a specific time delivery, whether it is the dubious offers or whether it is on the quality and packaging of the products, do not make promises to consumers which you might not be able to fulfill. While that is an important aspect of any business, how does it affect one of the...

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9 Tips to Stay Safe This Festive Season

Hurray! It’s Christmas, but with nearly over 65 million people around the world having been infected with the COVID-19 virus that has, tragically, killed more than 1.5 million people. Many more have been left with long term health problems.Unfortunately, the need to protect our loved ones from COVID-19 will continue throughout the festive period. Coronavirus...

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