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Foodhive support contact center. GEt help Any time, any anywhere.

The Foodhive support contact center for you queries and inquries is open 24hrs. We understand you need to speak to a human and not a bot when you are in need an essential response that affects your business, customers or personal experience using our amazing platforms.


We understand you need a place to explore various types of food menus, and access various food service businesses such as restaurants and more. That’s why we built Foodhive because we got you.


We’ve opined that we are a technology company solving ordering and delivery problems for ambitious food service businesses. The mission is to help food service businesses globally become profitable and loved.

Send Your query

At Foodhive we believe business owners, and individual uses need to get the most out of our amazing platform. That’s why you can send us your queries and inquiries and we promise to respond during business hours and days.

Simple time management

Our systems enable food service business owners to mange their time effectively while take in care of other things.

the power of scaling

with Foodhive, you are geared to scale your business by 5x. This possible by using our effective platforms to activate functions other providers don't offer.

Power out of the box

Imagine having the power to mange orders, refund payments, manage delivery, add menu, withdraw you payouts to you bank account and more? That's the Foodhive power.


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