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Welcome to the Foodhive’s ‘how it works’ web page. You would be wondering how does Foodhive operate, how do you sign up, manage orders, view your traction sheet, and even initiate withdrawal to your bank account via our payout systems. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered in this space.

To best understand how our produts and services work, we’ve outline various docs in our documentataon guidelines to best enable your ease of use and operation of Foodhive services.

You can reach out to our amazing support team too.

Who is foodhivE Meant for?

Foodhive is availble for food serice businesses such as: restaruants, fast food, eateries, food vendors and more.

What Menus Are available?

Foodhive has over 500 food vendors across the globe and there are over 1,000 food menus from various vendors.

What Delivery Methods?

We partner with food service businesses and courier services too to ensure your delivery is smooth and seamless.

ARe Reviews Possible?

Oh yes! Foodhive is ensures that customers and users can give their reviews about a business or food menu.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Just as you many food service business across the globe have continued to see, we are pioneering a new wave and method for faster scale of food service and associated business.

Foodhive has come a long way in developing and deploying solutions to best fast track the processes involved in making seamless food order, management and delivery possible for individuals and food service business.

To best begin, we offer membership subsciption plans, and you can opt in for the free one too. Want to get started?



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Most frequent questions and answers

Foodhive is a full fledged commission based food multi-vendor marketplace where businesses that deal in food service showcase their services and products to customers.

Businesses register a profile using any of the membership plan provided by Food Hive. After activating a membership plan successfully they can add their menus and cuisine too.

The Commission based system entails that depending on what plan the businesses opt-in, a charge rate is taken as commission for each product sold on Food Hive.

The remaining balance is left to the business. Users too can register and order from any vendor and get their delivery to their doorstep location or even pick it up.

Payment is transferred to your bank account in one full working day. If delay ensues, we’ll let you know and tell you how to go about it. In most cases, if payment lags, our Payment merchants will notify us about it and we’ll be in deposit into your bank account once your initiate withdrawal.

A Foodhvie business account enables food vendors and restaurant to operate as business on the Foodhive platform.

For commission based earnings differ based on membership plan. Be sure to read the details of any membership plan before proceeding as commissions are charged per each sell of a product or service.

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