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Foodservice providers need systems they can use to organize, and manage their business activities from the comfort of their smart owned devices such as smartphones, computers and more. This is where Foodhive comes to play, providing membership plans to best suit your business.

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Explore and select monthly, quarterly, and annual membership subscription plans for your foodservice business.

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$5.07/ month

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$12.68/ month

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Commission Rates

The commission your business pays per sales/order.
1.5% 3.0% 5.0% 0.5%

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Duration of spotlighting your business.
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Duration of hightling a business category.
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Find your business social impression reach metrics.
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Get reviews from your customers.

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Respond to customer reviews for your business.

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List your phone number to your business listing.

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Add your business website to your listing.

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Affordable IT plans

Offering our premium plans & packages at the best rates.

Competitive business services

Avail of cheap busines services from an array of budget plans.

We offer new plans & packs

Our food managemetn system plans reflect a core strategy of providing affordable & custom services.

Cheap FMS services for new global clients

We bring to you the best in affordable & budget FMS services at the best pricing rates.

Commonly asked questions

Know the common queries that our clients have in their minds regarding our FMS & service pricing.

  • What is Foodhive business account?
  • A Foodhive business account is a digital account a business/business is assigned after registration. The Foodhive business account is useful for business to mange activities regarding their business from completing orders, withdrawal and more.
  • Is there any fee attached to memberhsip?
  • Our membership fees varies from annual to monthly plans. The fees are paid exclusively for membership and terms and conditions associated with them, especially with commission. All membership plans are commission based except the Propar membership plan.

  • Can I setup multiple brands in one account?
  • No, you can’t and this is due to security and compliance reasons. We look to expand this function but at this time, users and business owners using Foodhive will have to use separate accounts  if they have to add numerous brands.

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